Knowledge + Behaviour + Tools & Process = Increased Certainty​

Tools & Process
Increased Certainty​


un-pack and join-up everything up for order and structure

Pretty much all project delivery activities are related to obligations in Contracts and Agreements, either directly or indirectly.

We help our clients to identify all of the knowledge that’s needed for successful project delivery and to organise, manage and maintain all of this to good effect.

Together, the whole project team develops a common understanding and approach to delivering on the promises made under Contacts and Agreements.


alignment and collaboration

With the right knowledge, the project delivery team will know what they must do and what they are not obliged to do.

The team must also consistently review and manage risk and seek opportunities as well as regularly report progress and act on variances from the plan.

To support these activities, we help our clients to embed aligned, collaborative and adaptive ways of working into their culture and organisation.

Tools & Process

the mechanics

We map tools & processes between project delivery team roles & responsibilities and specific rights, obligations & deliverables under Contracts and Agreements.

We work with our clients starting with existing tools & processes and suggest enhancements and additions where appropriate.

This includes working with our clients to improve levels of engagement and compliance with tools & processes.


more certainty
improved outcomes

The Delivery Advisory Result goes beyond the achievement of technical compliance and the first order changes that organisations usually make.

We work with our clients to help embed changes at the business-as-usual mindset level to bring about second order changes and sustainable results.

Our approach is tailor-made to go deeper and last longer for the benefit of the organisation and its performance.