Commercial and Contract Management Advisory

Principally, we like to help our Clients to help themselves.

We deliver the fundamentals:

Contract Administration

Contractual correspondence and meetings with Clients, Partners, Subcontractors and Suppliers

Change Management

Identify, evaluate, consult, submit and negotiate Variations, Claims & Disputes

Risk and Opportunity Management

Identify, control, mitigate and monitor


Project performance reporting, reviews as well as recovery action plans

Awareness Training

On the job ‘train the trainer’ Training:
  •  Risk and Opportunity Management
  •  Contract and Commercial Awareness
  • We also work with our Clients to deliver our expertise, support and guidance in the following areas:

    Right People - Right Roles

    Project delivery team structure as well as roles and responsibilities

    Roles & Responsibilities

    Mapping with obligations & deliverables for order and structure


    Review of engagement, compliance and possible improvements

    Knowledge of the Contract

    Unpack, organise and communicate


    Supporting aligned, collaborative and adaptive ways of working

    Tools & Process

    Review for improvement of the objectives and the mechanics